Sunday, December 16th, 2018 at the BlueBallRoom Dance Studio and Club

An extraordinary evening complete with student and staff performances, dinner and dancing and a spectacular show from guest champions.
Limited tickets available.

Tenative Time Schedule*

Rehearsal & Makeup10am-1pm
Doors Open
Dinner & Dancing
Awards, More dancing, Staff Show and Guest Performaces!7:15pm

* times subject to change based on costume malfunctions, etc.

A Showcase is an event that provides the students and instructors of the BlueBallRoom an opportunity to “showcase” their dance talents to their friends, family, peers and our guest judge.  The event features performances from BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED STUDENTS during the afternoon.  This is followed by a buffet dinner/dance party and performances by our staff and guest champions.

Two Ways To Participate:

Showcase Routine is generally done in a dance that the student has a strong affinity for.  
By specializing in that dance, the student develops enhanced skills and learns material that challenges them in ways a normal social dance program would not.  In addition, the excitement of performing improves confidence, styling and other skills that make social dancing a breeze.

Freestyle Event is an un-rehearsed, un-choreographed group dance for NEW STUDENTS or those trying a new dance style.  This is not a competition as the student is evaluated against a given standard and expected characteristics of the dance selected.  You dance alongside fellow students but are critiqued against yourself.  It’s very exciting to participate, to watch and cheer-on your fellow students. 

Most students will dance at least one Showcase Routine and several Freestyle dances as the best way to improve their dancing.

Guest Performers

Max Firestein and Nicole Mtchedlizde
(Max & Nika)

Performing a 3-Dance Rhythm Show of Bolero, Swing and Mambo.

They are the current National American Open Amateur Rhythm champions. Max and Nicole have been dancing together since age 4. Currently coached by Aigars and Agita Stolcers, they internationally compete and represent America in both International and American styles in competitions like UK Open, Paris Worlds, National Dance Council National Championships, and many more. Choosing to leave the Youth category early, currently they push to compete in categories such as Under-21 and Amateur to establish their place as serious competitors at an early age. Max and Nicole both coach and manage full time at Dance Evolution Club in New Jersey, mentoring and teaching over 150 students and a dozen competitive preteen, Junior, and Youth couples.

Lori Woods-Gay, Celebrity Judge

Lori comes from an extraordinary background of artistic, academic, and administrative experience.  Competitive achievements include: 

US Championship Finalist in Theater Arts with partner Rufus Dustin, New England Professional Champion and US Finalist in American Style with partner David Rosinski, US pro/am Theatre Arts, American Style Smooth and Grand Champion with husband John Gay, She was also invited and danced in the prestigious Exhibition in Blackpool England. 

Lori parlayed this success on the dance floor into a long career as a “top teacher” at numerous Championship events, World Class Judge and Examiner. 

She spent considerable time studying in England with the legendary Elizabeth Romain and is one of very few Imperial members who hold a Fellowship degree in all five branches of dance.

She is passionate about using dance technique to enrich the quality of dance on a practical level. She authors articles on this topic in her “Technique Diva” column of Dance Beat. 
Lately, Lori spends her time traveling; teaching, coaching and examining. She is especially proud of the achievements of the Medalists she has examined over the years and in particular the Staff and Students of the BlueBallRoom. 

She is near completion of a Theatrical Dance Syllabus that will be used by several main stream Dance Teacher Organizations for Professional Certification and Medal Tests. Stay tuned!

As an administrator, Lori owned a Fred Astaire studio and was an Examiner and Member of the Fred Astaire National Dance Board. She collaborated with the late John Monte in organizing the U.S. Championships and co-organized one of the first NDCA Competitions, the Boston Bicentennial, in 1975. She spent 8 years on the Executive Committee of the National Dance Council of America and recently served as President of the USISTD. She is currently on the Invigilation Committee and the Credential and Education Committee for the NDCA.