“It’s so much easier to dance in the ballroom than in the living room. “

Dear Fellow Dancers,

I just wanted to let you know it’s GREAT to be back in the ballroom.  It’s so much easier to dance in the ballroom than in the living room.  I did lessons in my cleared out living room for Phase I of the Delaware lock down.

Now that Delaware is in Phase II, Johny and I have been back in the studio for a few weeks now.  He and I both wear masks and wash our hands before each lesson.  As you might remember I do International Standard.   While dancing by myself has been challenging, it really has improved my core strength, balance and being able to remember the steps.  Sometimes, I hug a pillow to my left side to remember where “Johny” would be to keep my frame in the right place.   When warming up for the lesson, we usually do rhythm.  Dancing cha cha, swing or rumba is easy with the ‘sticks’.  One just has to pay a bit more attention to the male lead so one can dance the right sequence.

Johny and I usually have the big ballroom to ourselves so no problem social distancing.  Gabby and/or Val are at the studio most days (wearing masks) to keep up with paperwork, and to give a lesson.

So, why not come out to the studio to take a lesson?  It’s a shame I only see Pam or Suzanne sometimes as I come and go.

Keep moving and stay safe, Susan