Why Is The BlueBallRoom Dance Studio and Club Different?

Where Life Is A Ball!
  • The only studio that provides FREE Floortime Practice for its Private Lesson Members.
  • The only studio that provides FREE ClubDance Practice Parties with FREE refreshments to its 
    Private Lesson Members two to three times per month.
  • The only studio with two separate ballrooms where you can hear your music as you learn.
  • Our instructors attend the Dance Parties and dance with the students to help them learn and practice.
  • We are a family – all our instructors are employees of the studio.  They work together for a common goal, not independently.
  • Gentlemen Dance Hosts attend our Dance Parties – so everyone gets a chance to dance.
  • The studio is real, full-time operation with a business license that operates in a fixed location.
  • The instructors are covered by workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance and the studio liability policy.  They pay taxes – just like you.
  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • Our dancefloor is comprised of the finest hardwood maple on a laser-leveled floating and sprung subfloor to protect your legs and those of our staff.
  • We have an ongoing program – not one that stops and starts every couple of weeks while you forget what you have learned.
  • We don’t believe in back-to-back beginner and intermediate group classes that offer price breaks to encourage a person to attend a class that is not correct for their dance level.  It only confuses the student and holds the rest of the class back.
  • We pay licensing rights for the music we play.
  • Our sound system is the highest quality with speakers throughout the room in the ceiling.  This creates a music level that is enjoyably the same from one end of the room to the other.
  • We teach from a proven curriculum and track the progress of each student. 
  • Our staff works together; private lesson material and group class material complement the learning process for the best value and progress for the student.
  • We support our community – see the list below.

 ► Our Mission:

“To bring the joy of social dancing to anyone that wants to learn and to make every student look like a natural born dancer.”

► We Support our Community – see this partial list of Charitable Organizations in and around Delaware that have benefitted from the support of the BlueBallRoom Dance Studio: