Welcome to the Future Stars DanceSport Team Delaware

Announcing – Group Class Instruction for children will start from January 2023!

Inviting boys and girls from 8- to 14-year-old with or without dance experience to develop:

  • social skills, meeting the new friends and negotiating with a dance teacher;
  • discipline, patience, concentration;
  • physical skills such as coordination, balance, endurance, etc., to succeed in other favorite sports;
  • creativity, self-confidence and artistic skills;
  • musical skills;
  • self organizing and time management skills;
  • anatomical skills, receiving knowledge of how our body works while dancing;
  • etiquette skills in relation to other people and society.


We begin from solo dancing, so you don’t need a dance partner to start.

Each month you will learn the syllabus of 2 Dances, beginning with the basic steps of Slow Waltz and Cha Cha.

During the education process students can choose their personal goal: participation in dance sport competitions, party group performances or dance just for health and fun.

Date of the first class series – 18th of January (Wednesday) at 6:10pm.  Please register in advance.   

Duration of each group class is 45 minutes. Please come at least 10 min before for change and prepare.

Don’t forget to change your shoes before the lesson!



One Group Class Lesson / Drop-In is $19.00 (Click Here to Register)

One Month Class Series (4 group lessons) package is $39.00 (Click Here to Register)

One Full Semester discount package (3 month) is $99.00 (Click Here to Register)


We also provide a special bonus system and discounts for most successful students.

Private lessons/coaching are also available.


Contact the teacher directly:


Phone: (302) 420-2317

Denis & Tania


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