New Students will learn best with a combination of Personal Training Sessions (also known as private lessons), Group Lessons and real live Club Dance Practice Parties.  Learn more about each of these here.

Gift Certificates

Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversary, Engagement Announcement, Valentine’s Day, Apologies after the big argument – Better than flowers or candy.  Give the gift of dance and spend the time together in each other’s arms. Learn More

Social Dancing Group Class Series Forming Each Month!

If you are New to dance lessons – then a “Beginner” Group Class is perfect for you.  During this 4-Week Series of Instruction your Teacher will take you through the basic steps, holds, lead/follow, and rhythm of the dance(s) covered and get you on your way to enjoying yourself on the dance floor.

Each class is 45-minutes in duration.  Beginner Classes in our studio, DO NOT Change partners.  If you arrive as a couple – you stay with that partner.  If you take the class as a Single – you will partner with other Singles during the class, if available.

Blue Dot Special: One Group Class per week, for 4 weeks – Tuition can be paid the first night of class – please plan to arrive 15 minutes early – Or, save time and pre-register online with the links below:



Basic Blue Sampler
UPGRADE – One Group Class per week, for 4 weeks / One Personal Training Session / One Club Dance Party

Single = $149   Buy Here
Couple = $185  Buy Here
This is a great way for a beginner to get started.   Start your training with the Group Class Series.  Once you have a better understanding of dance-hold, timing, foot placement, etc., the Personal Training Session  will enables you to spend 45 minutes polishing your moves and learning new ones.  Our skilled instructors always make your learning more fun and give you better progress.  And finally, you will receive FREE admission to the Club Dance Party where you can practice your dancing with the instructors and other students.  This is the BEST VALUE for learning.

Click here to visit our class calendar page for a full listing of available group class lessons!

Date Night Special 

A great way to get started – you and partner, a glass of Prosecco and a night in each other’s arms learning your favorite dances in a private lesson – just $99.00.  Learn More

Personal Training Lessons

Discount packages including, Personal Training Lessons, Group Classes and Club Dance Practice Parties are also available.  Or, you can concentrate your training with our simple a la carte pricing and enroll on a Personal Training package like this one:

The Baby Blue PRIVATE LESSON Package: 
Step up your learning with one-on-on instruction – good for either a Single or a Couple.  Lessons by appointment – learning what you want to learn, at your pace and level.    This package includes 3 forty-five minute Private Lessons.
Single/Couple = $259   Buy Here

Call, Text or Email for more information on Personal Dance Training Packages or to discuss the best option for you… Start Dancing Tonight!

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